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  1. We are a member of the AVIC Group, one of the largest industrial groups owned by the PRC Central Government
    • Our international brand recognition is one of the key reasons why we have been able to build up our shipbuilding M&C Services.
    • We have the competitive edge in obtaining support from major PRC financial institutions to expand our business.
    • We are well-positioned to capitalise on the AVIC Group's excellent business relationships and strong fundamentals.
    • We are able to leverage the AVIC Group's overseas network to conduct marketing activities, identify potential buyers, establish contacts with reputable shipowners and secure new shipbuilding contracts with overseas shipowners.

  2. We have an experienced and driven management team with in-depth industry knowledge
    • Most of the members of our senior management team have extensive experience in the shipbuilding industry and some have been with the AVIC Group for over 10 years.

  3. We have strong backing from PRC domestic financial institutions
    • As a member of the AVIC Group, we have strong support from PRC domestic financial institutions and are able to assist the shipyards that we have worked with in obtaining loans and/or procuring the issuance of refund guarantees by banks and the shipowners in obtaining financing, when required.
    • Availability of credit and ability to obtain bank facilities are critical in closing a shipbuilding contract due to the substantial amount of contract value. The shipyard needs to obtain bank loans to finance the building of vessels and have the refund guarantee issued to shipowners, while some shipowners may need to obtain bank loans for making progress payments.

  4. The PRC is expected to become the world's largest shipbuilding country
    • In terms of delivery, the PRC overtook Japan to become the second largest shipbuilding nation in 2009.
    • The PRC government aims to become the biggest shipbuilding nation in the world.
    • The PRC shipbuilding industry is well supported by domestic owners. The PRC enjoys low costs of labour, plentiful resources, good infrastructure for development and a huge market with a fast-growing economy.