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  • Services include ship design, construction (outsourced), procurement, newbuilding management and marine finance arrangement
  • Providing design and engineering services through Deltamarin and other leading design institutes in China
  • Providing marketing and consultancy services to shipyards such as promoting their corporate profile in overseas markets, seeking out shipowners and securing shipbuilding contracts


  • Our Group’s indirect major shareholder, AVIC International Holding Corporation, through its subsidiaries, owns substantial stakes in two shipyards in the Shandong and Jiangsu province in China
  • The two shipyards are capable of producing a wide variety of vessels and marine-related products
  • Our Group also works with other established and reputable shipyards around the world


  • With a strong track record of more than 20 years, Deltamarin provides one-stop expert services throughout the entire life cycle of a marine and offshore structure
  • Its wide range of services includes concept development, offshore engineering, construction engineering for shipbuilding and operation support
  • It excels in cost efficient eco-designs


  • Offer an integrated procurement service which extends from market analysis to acquisition of goods and delivery to the door
  • Leveraging on our Group’s strengths and in-depth product knowledge, we are able to provide specialist technical support efficiently and our strong network allows us to source for competitively-priced quality products from around the world


  • Focus on governmental ship and relevant engineering projects in developing countries
  • Work with shipyards to organize, negotiate and sign the subcontract of projects
  • Provide services in financing, monitoring, coordination, customer service, on-site support, purchasing of giant facilities, problem solving and relevant trade operation in the project process, as well as after-sales service
  • Leveraging on the strong partnerships with excellent domestic and overseas shipyards and suppliers